Cooking with your BUNDLE OF BRAT!

This post has no recipes, but is something that all you mommies and soon-to-be moms out there can relate to and need!

Have you at any point considered how to cook with an infant/little child around? Sounds like an exhausting errand, right? It is! I’m not going to mislead you and say something else. I remember reading, “Having a two-year-old is like having a blender you don’t have a top for”.  This is so valid. Children can be everywhere at any rational time. Every one of your senses should be alert, while you are in the kitchen to give careful consideration to your little brat. br

Watching out for Amelia was strenuous each time I did a chore, and being new to the kitchen made it considerably more troublesome. In any case, my life saver was the kitchen countertop! I put her up there and simply let her snack on some fruits/veggies or cereal, and let her watch me cook. Fortunately for me, she truly appreciates it, and in a weeks time had even learned names of a couple of vegetables and spices. Additionally, she sits tight for me to complete, so she can taste what I’ve made, and just listening to “mmmmm” is the main approval I require. What’s more, the days (most days) that she watches me cook and do all the diligent work, she enjoys her food and eats well. This was an observation I made in over three months. Also, I hope this is something that she doesn’t grow out of ( you can never foresee baby temperaments).


Amelia helping me bake


There are some days where she wants to play and bounce around the kitchen, and I let her. There are likewise days, where she’ll sit on the kitchen floor and request that I sing as I cook, and once in a while, even dance. There are those horrific days where she needs to get alllllllll of her toys, truly every last one of them to the kitchen. Grrrr!

Some days, when I’m in a greatly decent state of mind, and feel additional adoration for her, I give her a bowl of water and some uncooked pasta or some roti dough to play with. Go young lady! Make all the chaos you need to!

Cooking time is a greattt bonding time for us, with all the talking, learning, singing, and dancing.

What do you do to keep your little one occupied while you cook?  Leave a comment!


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  1. Aahna says:

    Your page looks lovely and interesting recipes. Can you please tell me which brand beater u r using up there ? Is that moulinex?


    1. Hey! Thank you 🙂 Yes that’s a moulinex!


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