Savoury Cake

What do you make for someone on their big day when they don’t enjoy chocolaty cakes?

You make them a Savoury cake! 

My husband only recently started enjoying his slice of chocolate cakes. But until then, I always had to find alternative options to make for his birthday or our anniversary. This recipe was shared by a relative about 2 years back and has been a part of our celebrations ever since. It’s a great option to serve to your guests too and amazing for Ifthar. It tastes like a good pie. An Indian Pie 😀


It’s a famous dish down in Kerala and is locally known as Irani Pola. Now I honestly don’t know how they got that name as there isn’t anything Irani about it. But well, that’s how most Indan mums come up with names for their dishes. It’s just the way it is!

This recipe can be made with your choice of filling- chicken, red meat, or seafood. If you like your veggies and prefer that, you can make it with that too 🙂

The link to the filling I usually make: Stuffed Puri with Chicken Filling


2 eggs

1 cup All-purpose flour

1 Cup Milk

3/4 cup Sunflower Oil

Pepper and Salt to taste

Bell Peppers and Coriander leaves for Garnish


*Nonstick pots work well for this recipe.

*Like any cake, this one also cooks from outside in. The center is generally the last to become firm.


Blend together all of the ingredients to make the batter.


Heat about 1 tbsp oil on a nonstick pan that is placed on top of a cooking pan, on low flame (as shown in the picture below). This is done to avoid burning the base. Pour half the batter and cook with the lid on till bubbles begin to appear. Generously spread the filling of your choice and pour the remaining batter over it. Top with bell pepper slices, Coriander leaves, and little more filling spread on top. Cook with the lid on, till color changes and is firm.


Flip the cake and cook upside down just to give the top some more color.


Serve hot and enjoy 🙂



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