Lemon & Cream Cheese Dessert

I love dessert and that’s no secret. Be that as it may, much more than I cherish eating it, I adore having something sweet prepared for after supper. It’s some additional work, yet it’s worth it to see how happy it makes Little Amelia and my Darling Husband.


I’m a crazy chocolate lover, so nothing is “excessively rich” or “too chocolatey” for me, and nothing makes me more joyful than a triple chocolate cake. But, occasionally I get in the state of mind for something somewhat lighter and somewhat more tart. That is the place this lemon and cream cheese dessert comes in.

IMG_5480If you love a mixture of sweet and tart with a burst of bright citrus-y sunshine then you will love this dessert. In all seriousness, I absolutely love a good lemon dessert. They are oh so refreshing.

This dessert works so well since lemon is the perfect complement to the richness of cream cheese. If you aren’t very big on lemon, you could use the same recipe with a different fruit. Will taste just as good.


1 packet Lemon jelly

100 gm pack cream cheese/ 6 cubes

250 ml whipping creamIMG_5438.jpg

Sugar as required

Lemon/ lime slices and mint leaves for garnish


*I used Kiri cream cheese for this recipe, but you could use the  Philadelphia cream cheese or the bottled cream cheese

*Jelly flavor can be replaced as per your choice

*Make sure to blend everything really well to avoid getting bits of jelly pieces in the final dessert.

*If it isn’t tangy enough feel free to add little lemon juice and zest.

*Add sugar only if required


Prepare the jelly as per pack instruction. Pour into a container and freeze for an hour or till set. img_5446.jpg

Scrape the set jelly it into a blender along with the cream cheese and whipping cream. Blitz till smooth. Add sugar if required. Pour into your serving dish and refrigerate for two hours or till set.


Garnish with lemon and mint leaves.



Also made the same dessert using Raspberry jelly. Tasted amazing too. You can experiment with any flavor you like. That’s the best part about this dessert!!!!!



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  1. This is a beautiful looking dessert!


    1. Thank you so much ☺️

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