The Spice Guide

I relate the feelings I feel as a mother and a spouse to the different flavors on my kitchen rack. main spice

The cinnamon sticks signify warmth, the shade of the turmeric powder makes me glad while the red chilli powder signifies courage. There is a considerable measure of feelings that go into the dishes I cook, yet I always remember to season it with “love”.

Getting flavors from the market and utilizing it in the kitchen was something else that made me scratch my head. Much the same as how there are diverse sorts of rice there are likewise various types of spices that are utilized in regular Indian cooking. When I say spices, I don’t mean something that would make the dish fiery and hot, however, these are fixings that are fundamental to get astonishing flavor and main spice 2fragrance. Each spice by it bestows a remarkable flavor and adds profundity to the dish. Without this, the dish is simply insipid and deficient.

In spite of the fact that there are different sorts of spices accessible in the market, I’ll be acquainting you with the essential ones that are required to begin an Indian Spice Cabin.

Turmeric Powder: Turmeric, as I call it, is gingers cousin and is a piece of the vast majority of the recipes that my mom has passed down to me. It looks essentially like ginger in the crude state and could be ground and utilized in cooking. Yet, what is regularly utilized is the powder that is effectively accessible in the market. I try to include a tad bit of this splendid yellow powder in each Indian formula I make due to its astounding restorative properties.


  • Red Chili Powder: Add a greater amount of this and you wind up looking for something to chill off your taste buds, include less and the dish doesn’t have the wow factor. Getting the ideal sum is the way to getting the correct flavor. This red-hued powder is produced using ground up red chilli peppers. There are different sorts of peppers that are ground up that give you diverse zest level, hues, and fragrance. The most usually utilized in the Indian kitchen is the Kashmiri red chilli powder that is mellow and brilliant red hued. Cayenne and paprika are chilli
  • Cumin [Jeera] seeds and powder: This is normally utilized in both crude form and powder form. Entire seeds are utilized for tempering/flavoring by adding to hot oil or ghee to discharge its aroma. The powder is effectively accessible in the market or you could likewise make your very own powder by marginally roasting the seeds in a skillet and granulating it. This adds heartiness to the dish. I for one distinguish this powder by its solid smell.jeera
  • Fennel seeds: These might look like Cumin Seeds, yet when looked carefully they are really greener and more extensive.These are additionally dry simmered and utilized with little sugar confections to make mouth cleansers after suppers. Fennel is known for its digestive properties.fennel_seeds
  • Coriander seeds and powder: These light dark colored or brilliant seeds are the seeds of the ordinarily utilized coriander. They are crunchy and has a nutty, hearty flavor. To make the powder, you should simply crush the seeds and store them in an airtight container.coriander
  • Garam Masala: This masala powder is a mix of different diverse flavors. Some like it mellow while others like it hot and solid. Cinnamon, Cardamom, cloves, star anise, straight leaves, peppercorns are generally ground up together to make this powder. However, working women or lazy people like me prefer store bought.garam masala
  • Cinnamon: It is utilized widely in Indian cooking in its crude form and powder form. Little bits of broken sticks are added to hot oil to discharge flavor and scent. Regularly utilized in both appetizing dishes and sweets. It is one of the elements of the garam masala.


  • Cloves: These look like little blossom buds that grant solid and warm flavor to the dish by adding it to hot ghee or oil. Additionally, one of the elements of garam masala.cloves
  • Cardamom: These are little green cases with dark seeds inside. They are utilized entire or the seeds are evacuated out. Likewise, a basic fixing in garam masala. Utilized in both Indian flavorful and sweet dishes.cardamom
  • Star anise: As the name suggests, this specific zest is star molded and is frequently utilized entirely to add smell and flavor to the dish. Another fixing utilized in the garam anise
  • Bay leaves: Commonly known as Tej patha is a sweet-smelling dried leaf that is utilized in Indian cooking. Because of their intense bitter taste, they can’t be eaten specifically. It used to bestow flavor and profundity to the dish. It is an essential flavor in Mughlai dishes, especially biryani and Korma.tej-patte-ke-fayde-in-hindi-1
  • Peppercorns and Pepper Powder: There are numerous peppercorn assortments and the regularly utilized one in the Indian kitchen is the Black Peppercorn. The recognizable pepper powder is made by crushing peppercorns.pepper
  • Mustard Seeds: Although there are different sorts of mustard seeds, the generally utilized are the dark colored, highly contrasting seeds. The dark black mustard seeds are for the most part utilized in Indian cooking for tempering on account of its solid flavor.mustard
  • Saffron: Tiny orange strings are the lord of flavors and are a standout amongst the costliest ones out there. It adds delightful flavor and shading to both appetizing and sweet dishes.saffron1


I hope this article has made things easier for you. Can’t wait to share recipes that are packed with these aromatic, flavourful ingredients! 🙂


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