Rice & Coconut Milk Porridge

Apart from being healthy for our bodies, Grandmothers Recipes also have a way of satisfying our souls. One can never go wrong with them as they stand the test of time. One such recipe I would like to share today is just that. A Ramadan Favourite in my naanis home, a must-have in most South Indian households, and now a reminder of my best childhood memory.


It is an easy comfort food with all the goodness of coconut milk. Locally known as the Thenga Kanhi (Coconut Porridge), this porridge comes with lots of health benefits and is very good for children as well as vegan lactation mothers. The coconut milk helps in cooling down the body and is best had once a week for easy digestion. Since Ramadhan is here to cleanse our souls, in sha Allah, let’s not forget to honor our bodies with the right kinds of foods too.

It is also a great food for toddlers. Amelia absolutely loves it!


1/2 cup Jeera rice/ Basmati Rice

1 tsp Fenugreek/Methi Seeds

1 tsp Moong Dal

3 cups water

Coconut milk extracted from one big coconut

Salt to taste


*The consistency of the porridge can be varied according to your liking by changing the quantity of coconut milk used. I like mine almost soup like.


Pressure cook rice, fenugreek seeds, dal with water and salt till soft and mushy.


Add coconut milk to the cooked rice and bring to a boil.

Serve with Pickle or Prawn fry or Chicken ghee roast.


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