Strawberry Mousse with Jelly

It was Valentine’s day yesterday and even though I’m not really big on it, I thought I’d surprise my darling husband when he’s back home from work.  Unlike all these years where we’ve been away from each other, this year I thought I’ll make the most of it and tried to make something pretty special for my beloved husband by making him this delicious Strawberry Mousse dessert.


This strawberry mouse is something I’ve been making from the time I started cooking and it has always been a hit. Has to be, because who doesn’t love a luscious, creamy dessert?


How do you make mousse? There are many variations, some with just whipped cream, others utilize cream cheese to thicken and still others require gelatin or raw eggs. This homemade strawberry mousse uses whipped cream, fresh cream and gelatin.


10-12 Strawberries choppedIMG_4503IMG_3034

1 cup whipped cream

1/2 cup Fresh Cream

1/2- 3/4 tin Sweetened condensed milk

2 Tbsp gelatin

1 Pack Raspberry jelly

Whipped Cream and Strawberries to top off the dessert (Optional)


*Add 3/4 tin condensed milk first and if you want it sweeter, add the remaining condensed milk.

*Blooming gelatin is a step integral to ensuring the smooth texture of the soufflé. To bloom, add gelatin to just enough water and set aside for 3-4 minutes. Heat gelatin in a microwave oven for about 10-15 seconds or till melted. You can even use the double boiling method.

*Measure the gelatin correctly to get a perfectly set dessert. Less gelatin will make the dessert runny, while too much gelatin will make it hard.

*I used the ready-to-use whipped cream. If it isn’t available, whip cream well till it forms peaks.

*Blend gelatin and fresh cream mixture only once, till combined. You do not want the fresh cream to split due to over-mixing.

*Warning: If the creamy strawberry layer hasn’t set well and you pour jelly over it, you may not get properly distinguished layers, but instead may end up with mixed layers. Also, make sure the jelly isn’t very hot.


In a pot, heat about 1/2 cup water with 2-3 tbsp sugar and stir till sugar has melted. Add strawberries to the hot the syrup and let it rest till strawberries have softened. Let cool.



Meanwhile, Bloom gelatin and keep ready for melting.


Add the cooled strawberries with the sugar syrup in a blender and make a puree. Next, add sweetened condensed milk and whipped cream to the same blender and blend with puree. Finally, melt gelatin and add it with the fresh cream to the strawberry mixture and blend once till combined.


Pour into casserole or serving glass and let it set. After it is set, prepare raspberry jelly as per instructions, bring to almost room temperature and pour over the strawberry layer. Let it set. Serve with piped out Whipped cream and strawberries 🙂








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