Mango Chicken

Mango season is the BEST and it’s that time of the year where mangoes are a part of almost every meal and most desserts we make feature them. But I wanted to go down the savory route and make something with chicken!

IMG_0908This recipe is a result of inspiration drawn from hours of scrolling down Pinterest 🙈 

I came across so many recipes but never had all the ingredients mentioned in the list. So decided to use what I have at home and give it a go, make it my own, coz why not! 

This “Mango Chicken”  has a very Asian feel to it, hot and sweet, and is deeeeeelicious like Amelia said after her first bite, with a subtle flavor of mango and a hint of chili. Sounds amazing right? Snapseed

This chicken would taste yum if grilled, but I cooked it on the stovetop, caramelized it, and smoked it over direct flame. Something you can easily do at home. Well, that’s what my recipes are about! 

If you want a more pronounced flavor of mango, you can make a separate mango sauce to go with the chicken! I tried that too and it tasted lovely! 😋


2 large Chicken Breasts cubed and flattened

1.5 cups Mango 

3 large garlic cloves/ 6 small 

2-3 green chilies 

2 tsp red chili flakes 

1/2 tbsp Soya sauce 

Juice of half lime (or more) 

Salt to taste

Oil to fry (I used Canola oil)

Finely chopped coriander leaves 


*Adjust the flavors in the marinade according to the sweetness of your mangoes and the heat in the chilies. Try to find the right balance.

*Any ripe sweet mangoes can be used.

*Yellow food coloring can be added to the marinade if needed.

*Boneless chicken thigh can be used instead of a breast.

*Be careful to not overcook the chicken.

*The recipe for the sauce would be the same as the marinade but made thinner with some water.

*The same sauce goes well as a salad dressing too.


Blend together all the ingredients starting from Mango to salt.

Marinate the chicken in the mango mixture for at least 4-5 hours or more.


Heat some oil in a nonstick pan, place chicken after removing excess marinade, fry on one side, flip, and spoon over some extra marinade. The more you baste the marinade and the chicken juices on the pan, the yummier. Cook till done and caramelized.

Skewer the chicken or using a tong, hold over a direct flame to get a nice smoky flavor and some char.


Garnish with chopped coriander. Serve as is or with a Mango sauce (made using the same ingredients as in the marinade, add some water to make it a little thinner if needed).


This will go well with a nice salad, in a taco, or as a side to some Asian flavored rice.



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